The following Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between Camping Fusina Venezia "Fusina Terminal s.r.l." ("The Facility") and the party placing the reservation ("The Guest").

By sending a booking request to The Facility, The Guest fully acknowledges the acceptance of the following Terms of Sale:

1. Booking and Deposit

1. To book Ones stay, The Guest (who must be of legal age) can contact The Facility’s by either one of the following methods:
a. By visiting the online booking service on the website www.campingfusina.com
b. By contacting the reservations office via email at info@campingfusina.com or by phone +39 041 5470055

2. The Booking will be confirmed by the Facility upon reception of the Deposit payment. The amount of the Deposit equals to 30% of the total amount due for the stay. Please note that the payment of this amount must be made out no later than:
- 24 h if placed on line on the website www.campingfusina.com
- 3 working days if placed either by phone or email or in the event of a bank transfer being required (the 3 days will be counted from the transmission of the transfer order, to be made within 24 hours of booking)

3. The payment can only be made out as follows:

4. Failure to pay The Deposit within the deadlines mentioned in point 1.2, will result in the cancellation of the Booking itself and therefore the selected rate will no longer apply. Should that be the case, The Guest will no longer be able to make any claim against The Facility.

5. Please be aware that, for each of the first five days of your Stay, the amount of the Tourist Tax in force at the time of the stay (according to the provisions of the Municipality of Venice ), will be added to the final balance.

6. The final balance must be settled at The Facility Reception while checking out. Please note that, at the time of check-out, the Facility holds the right of reviewing with the Guest for any spoiled goods or equipment and charge The Guest should any damage be found.

7. To allow registration according to current legislation, the rightful access to The Facility must be authorized by the Management, at time of check in, only upon delivery of the required Identity Documents by The Guest: identity card, passport, European license. The documents will be then returned at the time of payment

8. Entrance to The Facility implies full acknowledgement and acceptance by The Guest of all the internal regulations, as showed at the Facility entrance.

2. Booking cancellation - late arrival / early departure

1. The Guest has the right of free of charge cancellation of The Booking up to 7 days before arrival.

Should the cancellation be made after said terms, The Facility will be then entitled to keep the full amount of the Deposit as per point 1.2.

2. Any expenses caused by the cancellation of The Booking, such as bank fees for the cancellation linked to the return of the Deposit, as well as any other, will be charged to The Guest and will be deducted from the final returned amount.

3. Notice of withdrawal must be sent in writing to the e-mail address info@campingfusina.com. For the Facility to be able to issue any refund, said notice must include: booking number, period of stay, Full name of the Booking holder, IBAN and BIC .

4. Should a modification of The Booking might be needed in regards of dates of staying or type of service requested, please send an email to the Reservations office at info@campingfusina.com or call +39 041 54 700 55.

5. Should there be any availability, The Facility will formalize a new Booking for the Guest to review and accept. If so, the Deposit from the original booking will be than transferred to the new one. In the eventuality of the new Booking being 30% more expensive than the original one, The Guest will be required to pay for the difference.

6. Please be aware that, should there be no availability at all, The Guest can still cancel The Booking free of charge by sending the appropriate request in accordance with the terms indicated in point 2.1

7. Late arrivals or early departures, in respect of the original Booking, without prior amendment of the reservation, will require The Guest to pay the full amount foreseen for the stay as initially booked and confirmed by the Facility.

8. The Guest wishing to extend the Stay after checking in, should promptly get in touch with the Facility Reception to check for availability and extended T&Cs.

9. By placing a Booking with the Facility, The Guest fully understand that the structure is not responsible for the inability to provide the service requested should any accident by force majeure happens or by provision of the competent authorities to provide it, save for the refund of the Deposit paid.

3. Non-acceptance of reservations and cancellations by the Structure.

Camping Fusina is an accommodation facility intended for families and guests who book for their own needs, directly or through affiliated agencies.

Multiple bookings made in order to organize events or tours can be accepted on the basis of agreements with the Structure, in which the rules for carrying out any scheduled events are specified to protect the tranquility of the Guests.

The Management of the Structure reserves the right not to accept, or if already made to cancel, any bookings that do not correspond to the previous points or in any case bookings that, due to the methods of execution or previous experience, do not guarantee full compliance with the normal rules of coexistence in the Camping .

In case of cancellation by the Structure, any amount paid will be promptly re-credited.