This regulation governs the permanence of Guests at Camping Fusina: it is displayed at the entrance to the Structure and is published on the website www.campingfusina.com. It can also be delivered in paper format to guests who request it at the Reception. Please note that entering the Structure constitutes its full acceptance.

SECTION 01: In order to be granted access to the campsite, authorization from the management and relative legal registration is required. Following orders from both the police and carabinieri, all guest campers and visitors, adults and children, are require to present and leave their identity card or passport at the Reception. A document will be returned upon payment of ones stay. Please note that other documents are not valid. When inside the Campsite, all guests must wear the identification bracelet provided at check-in. Entrance is strictly forbidden to outsiders. Any not authorized by the management visitor caught inside the Structure, will be reported for violation of domicile pursuant to art. 614 of the Criminal Code

SECTION 02: The Reception is open from 08:00am to 10:00pm.
Check-in: Housing units: from 3.00pm, Pitches: from 8.00am
Check-out: Housing units: by 10:00am on the day of departure Pitches: by 2.00pm on the day of departure

For check-outs before 8:00am, the Management requires the due balance to be paid by 9.00pm on the prior day. The accommodation rates displayed at reception are to be understood from arrival until at 10.00am (housing units) or 2.00pm (pitches) of the following day. At the time of check-out, the Structure reserves the right to check along with the Guest all used spaces and to charge for any damage if found.

SECTION 03: The occupation of the camper, tent or caravan site is subject to the authorization of the management.

SECTION 04: The parking of vehicles is permitted in all spaces indicated by the management. Please note that, according to need, you might be invited by the management to move your vehicle to another space to allow for the installation of a new tent or caravan.

SECTION 05: From 1.00pm to 3.00pm and from 11.00pm to 7.00am the Campsite follows general Silence, moderated noise is requested during the day. The TV/radio is tolerated only if at very low volume.

SECTION 06: Guests must take care of their own property: the Management is not responsible for any theft or damage except for objects entrusted to Reception and accepted along issue of receipt. The management and the service staff are not responsible for any loss or forgetfulness in the common areas.

SECTION 07: Within the tourist complex, travelling speed must not exceed 10 km/hour.

SECTION 08: It is mandatory to respect the vegetation, hygiene and cleanliness of the Campsite.

SECTION 09: The owners of dogs (allowed only on the pitch and in the common areas) are required to keep
their pet on a leash wearing their muzzle and to present their health certificate upon arrival. They are also responsible for any damages the dogs may cause.

SECTION 10: The electrical connection to appropriate sockets is permitted only after prior management’s authorization and it is allowed for lighting and refrigerating appliances only. It must be performed only with a safety earth discharge. Do not leave electrical appliances running unsupervised. Do not charge more than one electrical appliance on a single outlet. Do not use multiple sockets.

SECTION 11: It is strictly forbidden to empty chemical WCs into the public toilets. Please use the dedicated emptying bowl.

SECTION 12: It is strictly forbidden to light fires and BBQ grills.

SECTION 13: Access to the swimming pool is allowed only during the Pool’s opening hours and upon exhibition of the identification bracelet. Wearing a swimming cap is mandatory.

SECTION 14: Failing to observe and adhere to these rules, resulting in a behaviour that damages the harmony and the spirit of the Campsite, may lead the Management to decide on full removal from the Complex as an unwanted guest.

SECTION 15: Access to the Facility implies full acceptance by the guest of the "Information for customers on the processing of personal data”, as displayed at the Reception and available in paper format to anyone requesting a copy.